If you’ve found the barn venue of your dreams, but now you need some budget rustic wedding ideas to make the day perfect—you’ve come to the right place. We get it. Cost/budget is the second more important factor in planning a wedding according to 2023 data from The Knot.

The good news is, at Edlynn Farm, we have seen first-hand that couples don’t have to spend a lot on decor to make their day special and memorable. Here are some of our favorite budget rustic wedding ideas.


1. Embrace Textures and Colors

rustic barn wedding aisle

Photographer: Back Country Imagery

You likely chose a barn venue because you love the look of it. So let the wood and natural textures of the venue serve as a foundation for your theme and color concepts. Here are a few examples for how you can let the barn shine with simple elements:

  • Contrast the natural wood texture of the barn with softer decorations. Simple (and inexpensive) white drapes and soft pink flowers will stand out in the space without costing a lot of extra money.
  • Make your own glass and burlap centerpieces that incorporate your wedding colors. This can match your rustic style, while also giving that effortlessly elevated look.
  • Line the rows of seats inside of the barn with tall pampas grass and textured flowers in tall vases, like in the photo above from one of our weddings. Pair that with a simple but elegant wedding arch and you can set the scene with little effort.


2. Plan Your Photos Around the Golden Hours

sunset wedding photos

Regardless of your budget, the sun plays a starring role at many venues—and that’s a great thing! All you have to do is plan for some photos around the golden hours of the day. This includes the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, which are the best times to capture this stunning lighting.

Remember that golden hours change seasonally, so make sure you connect with your photographer about when the sun sets on your big day so you can plan to have space available during that time. Add these photos to your shot list so no one forgets to snap them!


3. Consider Your Attire

Along with your wedding dress and the groom’s suit, consider what your wedding party and accessories everyone could wear or hold. This can add to the overall look and feel of the day while also being functional. Some popular rustic accessories include:

  • Flower headpiece for the bride or bridesmaids
  • Burlap bouquet covers
  • Simple flowers, like wildflowers
  • Thrifted cowboy boots instead of heels


4. Opt for an Intimate Wedding Party

small wedding party

Photographer: Skyler Hopkins Photography

While it’s understandable that you want all of your best friends standing by your side, a large wedding party is also expensive. You need to consider hair and makeup costs for your bridesmaids, along with their dresses and flowers. Plus, the groomsmen need boutonnières and most brides and grooms do gifts for their wedding party.

Narrow down the people in your wedding party so you can save on overall costs. This can free up your budget for additional activities, music, catering, or decorations.


5. DIY Rustic Party Favors

rustic wedding gifts

This is one of the few budget rustic wedding ideas on this list that will require help. Putting together wedding favors can take a little work, but the end result is worth it! There are so many favors you can easily make yourself that fit your theme and save a little money. Here are a few ideas:

  • Customized honey sticks or jars of honey
  • Burlap bag with small gift inside
  • Homemade soap
  • S’mores kit


6. Offer Signature Mocktails

Instead of offering a full bar, save a little money by offering wine, beer and mocktails. You can create signature mocktails that reflect you and your partner to celebrate with your guests while also providing alcohol for those who want it. You can also consider a non-alcoholic wedding if that’s a better fit for you and your partner too.


7. Don’t Underestimate Lighting

barn wedding lighting

Photographer: Skyler Hopkins Photography

Simple string lights and candles are inexpensive and can also add a cozy vibe to any space. We have our twinkle lights around the posts in our barn at Edlynn Farm year-round! Add battery-operated candles on every table and as the day turns to night, the lighting is just right. You can even consider novelty string lights that match your wedding theme!

Finally, don’t forget to ask your DJ if they have any lighting equipment they can bring that will make the dance floor feel that much more fun.


8. Let Your Guests Contribute to the Decorations

You don’t have to be crafty to make beautiful DIY centerpieces and decorations. Instead, you can invite your guests to help you—kind of. Set up a photo wall and as your friends and family take Polaroid pictures all night, they’ll hang them on the wall for everyone to see and for you to take home.

Another fun idea is to ask your guests to create origami cranes and write well-wishes to you and your partner on the papers. Getting everyone involved makes the day that much more memorable and leaves you with priceless mementos from the day too.


9. Invest in Rustic Signage

Photographer: Flint and Stone

Signs are one of those budget rustic wedding ideas that are also functional, which makes them a win-win. When done right, they can add to your aesthetic and the overall overall experience, while also helping guests. A few key areas for signs include:

  • At the ceremony
  • At cocktail hour
  • At the gift and/or guestbook table
  • At the bar

Get more ideas about which signs you need and how to make them a part of your theme by checking out our Ultimate Decor Checklist for a Rustic Wedding.


10. Consider Planning an Intimate Event

At Edlynn Farm we’re proud to be able to accommodate up to 300 guests, even if your wedding is entirely inside the barn. However, it’s not always reasonable to invite hundreds of friends and relatives when you’re planning a wedding on a budget.

Plus, a wedding feels even more rustic when it’s more intimate. As a bonus, a smaller wedding also allows you to spend more time with each of your guests on your big day, creating better memories for you and your loved ones.


Budget Rustic Wedding Ideas for Everyone

You don’t need to spend a lot to make your day memorable. Use these budget rustic wedding ideas to turn your dream barn venue into a perfect representation of who you are as a couple. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple touches to make a space perfect!

Aanya Montgomery is the Manager of Edlynn Farm, a beautiful indoor / outdoor wedding venue in Pierce County, Washington. The entire Edlynn Farm team strives to make each event day memorable with unbeatable support and stunning scenery. Book your Edlynn Farm tour today!