We love all these winter wedding ideas for turning what might seem like a summer wedding venue – a barn on a farm with loads of green space – into an icy wonderland! We love being versatile at Edlynn Farm! Bonus, most of these ideas are easy to incorporate into your big day, regardless of budget, venue size or overall wedding theme!

If you want to make sure your winter nuptials are remembered for more than the temperature outside, you’re in the right place. Check out all of our favorite winter wedding ideas for a barn venue. Also, if you’re thinking about a rustic barn wedding, don’t forget to read our blog post, The Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist for a Rustic Barn Venue.

edlynn farm winter wedding

1. Set up a Coffee and Cocoa Bar

Let your guests warm up with a hot beverage before your ceremony. You can also do this after the ceremony in place of a cocktail hour. Adults can grab a cup of coffee while kids (and kids at heart) can enjoy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, whipped cream, and other treats. You can even create a signature “warm drink”  for your friends and family to enjoy –  just like you would with cocktails.


2. Don’t Forget the Donuts!

dessert table wedding

Edlynn Farm wedding, Samantha McCleary

If you’re going to set up a coffee bar, pick out some pastries to go with your drinks. Donuts are a great choice for a brunch wedding or a fun treat before or after dinner service. You could also go for cupcakes, cookies, or eclairs – choose something that reflects your favorite sweet treat!


3. Focus on Seasonal Cuisine

The food is one of the best parts of any wedding. This time of year, you may be able to access unique ingredients that don’t just make the meal tasty but bring more “winter” into your wedding. Check with your caterer about what local ingredients they have access to and if you can work them into the menu.


4. Choose a Non-Traditional Dress

If you know there will be snow on the ground on your wedding day, choose a dress in a vibrant color that makes you stand out! A bright red or deep emerald green dress will look gorgeous against a winter backdrop.

Get a whole list of different ideas like this in our blog post, 20 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Unique.


5. Get Creative With Your Bouquet and Accessories

winter wedding fur cover up

Edlynn Farm winter wedding, Candace Hill Photography

Instead of using traditional flowers in your bouquet, consider what unique flowers you can add to commemorate the season you’re in. Check out this winter-season flower guide to get some ideas. Your florist will likely be able to share some ideas too! Don’t forget that you can make your bouquet stand out by adding brooches, feathers, holly, or pine cones.

You can also walk down the aisle with a faux fur muff that adds to the winter look and keeps you warm and take photos with a coverup like our bride did in the photo above!


6. Set up a Snow-Themed Guest Book

Your guests don’t have to sign a traditional guestbook. To keep the snowy theme, leave paper snowflakes for guests to write messages on and place in a jar. You can read their well-wishes by pulling out a snowflake at random whenever you need a pick-me-up after your wedding. Or hang them up in your house during the holiday season for a fun decoration.


7. Guide Your Guests With Signage

All weddings need good signage but winter weddings especially need them. Examples of helpful signage includes telling guests where to put jackets and other warm winter gear, where to sit for the ceremony, and where to go between reception and ceremony if your space is being flipped between uses. Use wood boards to match your rustic barn theme.


8. Include a Sled Moment

This is both a functional element of your wedding and also a great photographic moment for your guests. Bring in a sled and decorate it to fit your theme. Make sure to leave space for guests to get inside or stand beside it and take photos!


9. Go Full-Winter for Party Favors

The best party favors will be used by your guests long after your wedding ends. As with all of these winter wedding ideas, this is another area where you can make a standard party of your wedding day more memorable! Here are a few creative winter wedding party favor ideas:

  • Snowflake ornaments
  • Winter-themed candles or candle holders
  • Koozies to protect warm hands from cold drinks
  • Custom mugs with your wedding date

Check out this big list of winter wedding favors to get even more ideas!


10. Make it Cozy

Cozy is the name of the game at a winter wedding so make sure you talk with your venue about heating options. See if there will be heaters, a fireplace, or other ways for guests to warm up on a cold winter day. You don’t want your bridal party (or guests!) shivering during your vows!

At Edlynn Farm, we heat the barn using in-floor radiant heat. We start heating the venue 24 hours ahead of the couple’s rental period and the temperature of the barn continues to rise with the arrival of your family and guests. Bonus: if your feet get tired of shoes or you just want to dance free, your toes will be kept warm on our smooth polished concrete floor!

11. Don’t Forget to Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

winter wedding bridesmaids

Edlynn Farm wedding, Samantha McCleary

Bridesmaids’ dresses are often strapless or have short sleeves, which means they aren’t ideal for winter weather. Luckily, there are so many ways to keep the ladies warm while sticking with your theme style. We love the jean jackets that this Edlynn Farm couple chose!


12. Plan for Indoor and Outdoor Photos

winter wedding outdoor photos

Edlynn Farm wedding, Samantha McCleary

To capture the magic of your icy wonderland wedding, you have to get photos outside even if it’s freezing! Coordinate with your venue, photographer, and bridal party so everyone knows that there will be outdoor time. Work with your photographer on a detailed timeline so everyone knows when they will be needed for photos or when they can be warming up indoors.


13. Go Neutral for Your Color Palette

You don’t have to stick with traditional winter colors for your theme, like green and red. Consider a neutral color theme, which would allow you to bring the rustic brown elements of the barn into everything that you do for decor and styling. Check out all this inspiration for a neutral winter wedding—the options are endless for how you can make it your own.


14. Focus on Mood Lighting

Talk to your venue about different lighting options to set the mood. Soft lighting makes for great photographs and can also make your venue feel candle-lit, perfect for the season. It’s also a great way to turn a rustic barn into a cozy space. At Edlynn Farm, we were careful when installing our lighting fixtures to put rows of lighting on different switches so the level of lighting could be controlled to match the couple’s desired level. This way each couple can decide how the light fits into their big day—or to dim it down as the day goes on.


16. Give Your Tables a Winter Theme

wedding table signs

Edlynn Farm wedding, Annie Zav Photography

This is one of those simple winter wedding ideas that will set the tone quickly! Instead of labeling your tables by number, choose a wintery theme like:

  • Winter activities (skiing, snowboarding.)
  • Favorite cold weather destinations (Vail, Reykjavík, Anchorage)
  • Winter beverages (Hot cocoa, hot toddy.)
  • Objects found in winter (snowflake, pine cones)


17. Protect Your Guests

Winter wedding sign

Edlynn Farm wedding, Samantha McCleary

Winter is cold and flu season. Help prevent the spread of germs by setting up sanitization stations around your barn venue and include little signs to remind everyone to be safe. You can also hand out packets of tissues. These are useful for both dabbing away tears of happiness and catching a sneeze before it spreads.


18. Plan A Memorable Winter Departure

A horse-drawn sleigh – or a snowmobile if that’s more your style, is a fun way to commemorate the time of year and your theme as you leave the event. This adds one last magical element to your winter wedding and also makes for good photos!


The Winter Wedding Ideas are Endless

Small details like the ones shared here will elevate your wedding and set the stage for making memories that last a lifetime. Keep these winter wedding ideas in mind as you plan your big day so you can make it truly yours and truly memorable!


If you’re looking for your venue, check out Edlynn Farm, where you can exchange vows in a rustic barn with views of Mt. Rainier in every season. Contact us to learn more. 


Feature image Edlynn Farm wedding, Samantha McCleary


Aanya Montgomery is the Manager of Edlynn Farm, a beautiful indoor / outdoor wedding venue in Pierce County, Washington. The entire Edlynn Farm team strives to make each event day memorable with unbeatable support and stunning scenery. Book your Edlynn Farm tour today!